xeon æon Visual Identity

Branding + Graphic Art
Project Overview
This ongoing project encompasses various aspects of visual design for up and coming Toronto DJ, Xeon Aeon. It includes the development of a cohesive visual identity, logo design, creation of captivating social media content, and mix covers. The primary goal is to embrace a visual maximalism approach, incorporating diverse textures, a vibrant color palette, and engaging, internet-inspired imagery. This aesthetic direction aims to mirror the eclectic, fun, and thrilling nature of Xeon Aeon's DJ style, influences, and track selection.
My Contributions
As the project's lead designer and creative director, I am responsible for overseeing all aspects of its graphic design. From concept to execution, I personally create all the graphics, aiming to draw inspiration from contemporary internet culture and the vibrant visuals of 90's/2000's rave aesthetics. By blending these influences, I strive to deliver a visually compelling and engaging experience.
xeon æon · æon 02

Mix Covers

ÆON 01
ÆON 02
Collaborative SAVE POINT set with Alien Baby
Live @ Alien Art Market After Dark

Logo Graphics

Primary Wordmark
Alternate Logo Graphics
'XEON ALIEN' Logo (Xeon Aeon & Alien Baby Collaboration)