Strategic Plan/Call & Vision

Branding, Logo design
Project Overview
This project involved creating a branding system to support The United Church of Canada's 2022-2025 Strategic Plan launch. At the heart of this initiative is a new logo design that transforms the shape of the United Church of Canada's crest into a flower, representing change and fresh beginnings. The logo features three colours that correspond to the three pillars of the Strategic Plan's Call: gold for deep spirituality, navy blue for bold discipleship, and red for daring justice. Leveraging the logo's elements, a design language was developed to establish a cohesive and distinct brand identity across all materials related to the Strategic Plan, ranging from social media content to infographics and internal reports.
My Contributions
As the lead designer of this project, I spearheaded the development and design of the visual identity for the United Church. Throughout the project's development, I sought out constructive feedback from my colleagues in the Communications Department, collaborating with them to create a comprehensive visual identity that is tailored to the organization's needs and goals.

Logo Variations

Full Text Logo
Reduced Text Logo

I created two versions of the logo - one that includes the full text, suitable for display in larger sizes, and another with reduced text that can be effectively displayed at a smaller scale. This was done for the English and French logos.

Full Text Logo
Reduced Text Logo

Additional Languages


To broaden the logo's reach and represent the diverse base of the United Church, I adapted the logo into multiple different languages. This allowed the Call and Vision initiative to effectively serve and engage with the organization's extensive and diverse audience.

The Call and Vision logo in use on the United Church of Canada website.

Draft Cover of The United Church of Canada's Strategic plan.